Why did Joe Manchin withdraw from the Build Back Better plan? Internet says he is “greedy”


Joe Manchin has been criticized for breaking his word after publicly saying “no” to President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better initiative. This development comes after several months of negotiations on legislation on social spending. The Build Back Better Act is a set of social and climate spending seen as a key part of President Biden’s agenda.

If the 50 Democrats pass the bill in the Senate, it should increase funding for government health insurance programs, expand tax credits for low-income families, provide a government-funded universal preschool, and invest billions of dollars in the fight against climate change. It was passed by the House of Representatives last month. According to Republicans, however, the legislation will fuel inflation and hurt the economy.


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“Senator Manchin has promised to continue the conversations in the days to come and to work with us to reach this common ground,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki. “While his comments on Fox and his written statement indicate the end of this effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable turnaround in his position and a violation of his commitments to the President and the senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate.”

“Weeks ago, Senator Manchin pledged to the president at his home in Wilmington to support the Build Back Better framework that the president then announced,” Psaki said. “Senator Manchin has repeatedly undertaken to negotiate the finalization of this framework” in good faith “.

On Sunday, December 19, Manchin told Fox News: “I cannot vote to continue with this bill. I just cannot. I have tried everything humanly possible. I cannot make it happen. . It’s a no. “

In a tweet, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized the While House response to Manchin’s decision. “The White House statement attacking Senator Manchin for deciding to vote no on Build Back Better is laughable. The White House continues to repeat the lie that Build Back Better is fully paid,” Graham wrote.

“The lame attempts by the White House to attack the CBO and Senator Manchin to hide the devastating impact of Build Back Better are not working and will not work,” he tweeted.

Joe Manchin criticized for saying “no”

A majority of social media users criticized Manchin for breaking his word. “Remember: it’s not just about Joe Manchin. It’s about the black money, billionaires and coal interests behind him, which continue to win at the expense of us and the planet. Manchin is a living reminder that America is often more oligarchic than it is democratic, ”wrote Anglo-American journalist Mehdi Hasan. Actor Rob Reiner wrote, “I don’t remember marking my presidential ballot for Joe Manchin. He single-handedly denies environmental protection for Americans, preschool, child care, affordable prescription drugs. If he kills the voting rights, he will deny American democracy. “

“Joe Manchin’s own brother had to make sure he got back a $ 1.7 million loan he had made to save their family business. (He also failed to disclose this debt on Senate financial forms) Joe has a long history of going back on his word in the name of being a greedy prick, “one user wrote, while another wrote,” Senator Joe Manchin is just like Trump. He only cares about his name in the headlines. Good or bad. “” The system was created when there were only 13 colonial states. Such an old and archaic form of government is inherently flawed and easily exploited by obstructionists like Joe Manchin – who are only beholden to the venality of 21st century corporations, ”one user said.


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