Need to starve terrorists of financing and emerging technologies: shrewdly

The international community must work together to “starve” terrorists of emerging finance and technology to stop the destruction around the world, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Saturday.

In a speech at the meeting of the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, Cleverly called on countries to fight “online” terrorism, including global terrorist recruitment campaigns.

“In the space of two decades, terrorists have gone from broadcasting cracking voice recordings from the depths of Tora Bora, to global online recruitment and incitement campaigns, to live attacks, said he declared.

“Online incitement has radicalized vulnerable people in distant countries who have continued to use rental vans as weapons of terror,” Cleverly said.

“We must therefore continue to work together to combat terrorist ideologies online,” added the British Foreign Secretary.

Cleverly stated that the international community must “starve out the terrorists of finance and emerging technologies that will cause death and destruction in the world.”

India hosted the meeting of the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee in its capacity as Chairman.

While the first day meeting took place in Mumbai on Friday, the second day deliberations took place in Delhi on Saturday.

Britain’s Counter Daesh communications cell, in partnership with the US and Emirati governments, is working to challenge Daesh propaganda, according to the British High Commission.

He said the UK was also working to stop terrorists exploiting online platforms and pushing tech companies to crack down harder on extremist content online through the G7 and the Global Crime Forum. Internet to fight terrorism.

All over the world, unmanned aerial systems are being used to sow terror. The UK is funding new technology to combat these drones and prevent terrorists from misusing them, the high commission said.

During the visit, the UK Foreign Secretary announced a new collaboration between the UK and India through British International Investment.

This included £11m of UK funding invested in Kinara Capital, a female-led fintech company.

British International Investment is designed to strengthen business ties with UK partners and generate economic growth.

The High Commission said Cleverly had also announced a £22 million investment from the UK-backed Neev II Fund in Hygenco, which will help India’s green energy transition by introducing green hydrogen. .

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