Mumbai: Caller threatens to kidnap, kill SBI chairman and blow up bank office

An unidentified man called the State Bank of India (SBI) office in South Mumbai and allegedly threatened to kidnap and assassinate the bank’s chairman and blow up his office if a loan of Rs 10 lakh fails. was not granted, a police official said on Saturday. .

The call was received at the office of the SBI Chairman’s Personal Assistant located at the Corporate Center in the Nariman Point area on Wednesday morning. Based on the complaint filed the next day, a first information report (FIR) was filed against the unidentified caller, it said.

During the investigation, police discovered that the call had been made from West Bengal and that a Mumbai police team was on its way to track down and nab the accused, he said.

The complaint lodged on Thursday by Deputy Director of Security at the bank’s office, Ajaykumar Srivastav, said the caller introduced himself as Mohammed Jia Ul Ali and said the bank should grant him a loan of Rs 10 lakh , did he declare.

“The caller threatened that the chairman of the SBI would be kidnapped and murdered and that the bank’s head office would be blown up with a bomb if the loan was not sanctioned,” the official said.

After the threatening call, Srivasatav approached Marine Drive Police Station in South Mumbai and lodged a complaint, following which an FIR under Section 506(2) of the Penal Code Indian (IPC) (criminal intimidation) was registered, he said.

Police launched an investigation into the case and obtained the Call Detail Record (CDR) of the phone number from which the threatening call was made, and it was discovered to be from the West Bengal, he added.

“A team from Mumbai Police has been dispatched to West Bengal to catch the accused,” the official said.

SBI, the country’s largest lender, is currently led by Dinesh Kumar Khara.

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