Mirza Fakhrul says government is raising fuel prices to get IMF loan

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday criticized the government for raising fuel prices to secure the IMF loan.

“Fuel prices suddenly increased by nearly 50% last night (Friday night). It’s just rubbing salt into the wounds, he said.

The BNP leader made the remarks as he addressed a rally outside the BNP’s Nayapaltan central office organized by Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, protesting the killing of his Bhola district unit chairman, Noor- e-Alam, and local Swechchasebak Dal chief Abdur Rahim in police shooting July 31, UNB reports.

Stating that the presence of vehicles on the roads drastically decreased on Saturday, Fakhrul said the rising fuel prices will have a terrible impact on the country’s economy and will seriously affect people.

“Because the cost of transport will increase, which will eventually drive up the prices of all essentials, including rice, pulses, salt and edible oils. “The country will be hit and ordinary people, including day laborers, will be hit hard,” he feared.

The BNP leader alleged that the government had long been misrepresenting the country’s foreign exchange reserves. “But they have now requested a $4.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as reserves dwindle.”

He said the IMF had imposed strict conditions on receiving its loan, including withdrawing government subsidies to different products and sectors. “So they (the government) are now doing this (to get the loan).”

The BNP leader said Minister of State for Electricity and Energy Nasrul Hamid on Friday hinted at a slight increase in fuel prices keeping them at a tolerable level, but prices rose sharply the night.

He said the government had repeatedly raised the prices of electricity, gas, fuel and soybean oil, leaving the people of the country in serious suffering. “Green chilli prices are now 300 Tk. People became agitated and angry because of such a crackdown.”

Stating that the current government has now become a ‘terrible ‘monster’, Fakhrul said it is now the sole responsibility of the patriotic people to dislodge this regime to save the country from ruin.

Strongly condemning the police firing on their party’s peaceful agenda in Bhola, he said that this government stayed in power by spreading fear, shooting, killing and injuring people. “That’s why the murder incidents took place. The sacrifices of Noor-e-Alam and Abdur Rahim will make our movement for democracy stronger and intensify it.

Fakhrul alleged that the Awami League government not only attacks opposition parties and the BNP, but also engages in widespread corruption to secure its illegal rule.

He called on all student bodies and political parties to wake up and defeat the current government through a united movement, paving the way for the establishment of a people’s parliament and government by holding elections. credible under a non-partisan administration.

No BNP, AL hatch curves

In an indirect reference to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s comment that a plot is brewing again to oust him from power, the BNP leader said the ruling party used to treat any statement against his repression and his misdeeds as a conspiracy.

“It is you (AL) who are conspiring. We don’t. We go to the people to remove you from power with an open announcement and we will fix the problem in the streets,” he observed.

Fakhrul urged BNP leaders and activists to organize people while building the party’s organizational capacity to ensure the downfall of the current “fascist” regime. “If we can do this, only then can we repay the blood debt of Noor-e-Alam and Abdur Rahim.

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