deer is not funny

I’m disappointed that John Deering is such a divider. I’m not the only one who has my opinion on his unfunny political cartoons. Most people like humor but not politics; we have enough political content without that.


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Purpose of Cartoons

To Gayle Burns and Ken Carpenter, who were disappointed by John Deering’s political cartoon last Tuesday: Political cartoons, like other forms of social commentary, are meant to challenge our thinking, criticize our values ​​and offend our virtues. They clearly serve as a mirror to ourselves. Gayle and Ken’s letters are great examples that Deering’s cartoon allows us crystal-clear thinking.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, thank you for offending us! We need it.


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No one surpasses it

I support Gayle Burns of Jonesboro’s credibility question published in your newspaper on Friday. The fact that I’m from northeast Arkansas may have also made me feel the same way Gayle did. Living in northeast Arkansas, I only had one newspaper to read, the Clay County Democrat. Going to college in Kentucky, I became an ultra-conservative.

Cartoonists that I follow: Ellis Rosen, Rob Rogers, Kevin Kallaugher, Phil Hands, Matt Davies, Wiley Miller, Maria Scrivan, Matt Wuerker, Nick Anderson, Steve Kelley, Tim Campbell and Al Goodwyn, to name a few -ones. None of them is better than John Deering.

One to see is Clay Bennett for September 23, 2022, “January 6 Panel to Interview Ginni Thomas”.

Gayle, I agree that a majority of readers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would like a more symmetrical cartoonist to express our views, but none of me would top John Deering’s cartoons.


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The silence is deafening

Why does it seem like John Boozman doesn’t speak in any of his political TV ads?

Kirby Shofner

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Pay a living wage

As the argument continues regarding the fairness of canceling $10,000 to $20,000 student loan debt for those who freely agreed to repay the loan, I was struck by the news that many active duty military families struggle to put food on the table. The proposed solution? Ask them to apply for a SNAP card (commonly known as food stamps).

If anyone deserves a living wage, it’s the active military. I think our priorities are certainly skewed in this situation.

God bless vets!


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Serve all Arkansans

Gwen Faulkenberry’s recent column about Chris Jones’ response to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ cancer treatment was an exceptionally thoughtful piece, a call to all of us to identify our “best angels.”

A few weeks ago, I remembered an anecdote about President Ronald Reagan. The then-president and several lawmakers were engaged in a closed-door debate. Obviously, lawmakers have repeatedly said things like “my constituents want this and that.” Ultimately, an exasperated Reagan replied, “I thought it was about our country, not your constituents”, and excused himself from the room.

When I consider the Arkansas gubernatorial race, I pray it’s not about anyone’s voters. It must be all of us. Our differences on the issues are real, but respect and compromise must come into play so that we can do more for the citizens of the state: education, broadband, commerce, poverty alleviation, more equality and improvement of opportunities. Teamwork must ultimately prevail for us to succeed. Compromise involves both winning and losing, but it should not lead to “winners” and “losers”. It’s “We the People”, after all.

I will keep Mrs. Huckabee Sanders in my prayers and wish her the best. But Chris Jones is my gubernatorial candidate because I believe he cares deeply about every Arkansan. I hope Dr. Jones cares about all of us improving our lives. His constituents will be all of us, not just those who agree with his positions. Before my time is up, I want this remarkable stew that is Arkansas to be as tasty, nutritious, and desirable as possible for all of us.

Perhaps we should remember that much of President Reagan’s success was found in his ability to work in conjunction with Tip O’Neill, his occasional adversary. Let’s not forget this lesson. It was about our country and our state.


Hot Springs Village

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