Fake doctor borrowed Rs 30,000 from driver, failed to repay – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

BHUBANESWAR: Fake doctor Ramesh Chandra Swain, arrested for marrying 17 women for cash and other valuables, had taken a loan of Rs 30,000 from his driver and failed to repay it. This came to light during the ongoing investigation into Swain’s illegal activities by the police station.

Sources said that Swain, instead of paying his driver’s salary of Rs 30,000, took him a loan of the same amount which he never repaid. Police seized two cars belonging to Swain on Monday. They also traced more than 4,000 contacts on his cell phones. J

Three mobile phones have been seized from Swain and police have contacted more than 200 people so far to find out if he cheated on any of them. “It is not possible to connect with everyone found in Swain’s cell phone contact list. We only call those who we think might have been deceived by the accused, a policeman said.

Police say that in addition to marrying 17 women, Swain also contacted at least 62 other people through various dating sites. Apart from women, Swain has cheated on a few MBBS aspirants, job seekers, and businessmen in various parts of the country.

A West Bengal-based businessman filed a complaint at Mahila Police Station on Sunday, alleging that Swain had taken a hatching machine worth more than Rs 1 lakh from him, but failed to carry out the payment. “Swain posed as a central government employee and told the businessman he needed 1,000 hatching machines. The businessman delivered a sample machine worth Rs 1.25 lakh and also bore the charge of Rs 20,000 and Rs 6,000 for its transportation and installation respectively,” an officer from the Mahila police station.

Swain provided the businessman with checks that bounced due to insufficient balance. The defendant neither made payment nor returned the machine to the plaintiff. A video of Swain traveling on a plane also went viral that day. Police said Swain rarely traveled on buses or trains and maintained a lavish lifestyle.

“About 15 of Swain’s bank accounts have been recovered so far, but we have not yet started the investigation into his financial trail as we receive new complaints of deception against him every day,” a police officer said. .

Police had arrested Swain, 66, from Kendrapara district on February 14, for allegedly marrying at least 17 women while posing as a doctor working with the central government. Swain had cheated them out of money and other valuables.

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