Exposed: The faces of some online loan app agents terrorizing and defaming Nigerians

Many Nigerians are said to struggle with high blood pressure due to the activities of unscrupulous online loan sharks taking advantage of the country’s economic situation.

These criminal loan sharks parading on Google Playstore have become experts in blackmail and blatant invasion of people’s privacy. They have been accused of employing different kinds of mannerless and cultureless characters as workers.

The federal government has also insisted that most of them operate illegally in Nigeria. And in an effort to regulate them, the FG, through a joint inter-agency FCCPC, NITDA, ICPC Regulation and Enforcement Working Group, has raided some of the loan sharks’ offices around the world. State of Lagos.

The government has also released photos showing the faces of some of the agents of these illegal loan sharks who have always operated underground in the country.

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Here are some of their faces published by FCCPC.

Exposed: The faces of online loan app agents terrorizing and defaming Nigerians
Exposed: The faces of online loan app agents terrorizing and defaming Nigerians

Meanwhile, hundreds of Nigerians are excited about the latest developments.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians on Facebook.

Apanishile Modupé

“Thank you all for supporting us at this crucial time. I would have been a dead soul if not for God and the people around me because of the defamatory messages sent to my contacts in the name of the loan I collected. I was involved in a fatal accident which resulted in surgery. On the second day of the operation, I started receiving calls and messages from my contacts telling me what cashsea and cashlion had been up to. Why use customer data against them ? “


“They should also look into those who are not registered on Playstore. Some will come to your Dm begging you to download through the link they sent you. These people are very very mean. God bless you for the good work.”

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Jane Un

“Thank you sir. Nigerians have gone through unimaginable hardships at the hands of these criminals who hide to perpetuate their evil activities. God bless you sir.

Mora Yomi

“Loans app caused my friend to die last year. They defamed her as a thief, criminal, crook and sent her to her contacts. Depression and discrimination have resulted in his death.”

Oluwakemi Ogunbiyi

“The loan sharks kill, ruin families, deprive people of their jobs with their evil ways of getting their money back. Before them we lived our normal lives, we will survive without them, please eliminate them from our system .”


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