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By Kevin Warneke / Special for Core Bank

Judy Fletcher is looking forward to bringing Celtic Quilter customers a new line of sewing and embroidery machines.

And when the sewing and embroidery machines are available, Fletcher will be ready – thanks to an already established line of credit she has with Core Bank.

Her last interaction with Core Bank was efficient and productive, she said, thanks to its new RapidTRAC loan program.

Using RapidTRAC, Fletcher applied for a loan online, received instant approval, and had access to funds within days.

“I now have cash available when I need it.”

Fletcher shared that the application process was painless and easy. Once the paperwork was completed with the acceptance of the agreement, they had the line of credit account set up.

Helping businesses like Celtic Quilter navigate the loan process easily and receive funds quickly is RapidTRAC’s goal, said Heather Wilderman, chief administrative officer of Core Bank.

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The program consists of three simple steps:

  • Complete an application entirely online. “It’s not a long request. This is going to take you a few minutes to complete, she said. For Fletcher, that meant extracting financial data, entering it, “and I was done.”
  • Receive an immediate response.
  • Access funds, if accepted, within three business days.

Loans through RapidTRAC can range from $10,000 to $150,000, but no more than 50% of a business’s gross annual income. Lines of credit can range from $10,000 to $50,000, but no more than 25% of the business’ gross annual income. Loan recipients must have been in business for at least one year. Clients have 30 days to accept their loan.

Receiving this line of credit, Fletcher said, was “the easiest thing I’ve dealt with since opening my business. All I will have to do is click and transfer the funds.

Call Fletcher a satisfied customer twice. “Core Bank understands my business.”

Providing customers with an easy way to apply for loans is just part of Core Bank’s focus on customer service, Wilderman said.

In addition to business lending, Core Bank offers services such as wealth management, mortgages, treasury services and banking centers to its customers at six locations in two states.

Fletcher originally turned to Core Bank in 2019 for a loan from the Small Business Administration to launch Celtic Quilter, a full-service quilting store for patterns, PFAFF sewing and embroidery machines, fabrics, repairs and more.

She said she looked for a bank that understood her business model and chose Core Bank, a preferred SBA provider, after learning her customer base included other quilt stores in Nebraska and surrounding states.

Strengthening the communities it serves is Core Bank’s goal, said John Sorrell, President and CEO. “If these companies are successful, they will get even bigger and employ more people. Guess what? It makes our communities stronger.

Celtic Quilters survived, then thrived during COVID, thanks to creative marketing and a temporary focus on creating masks. Following a nearby move to 5080 S. 108and St., Fletcher then sought to expand its product line, prompting a return to Core Bank for the line of credit.

Core Bank understands that serving customers sometimes means meeting in person, but it can mean doing business virtually or online. “We love meeting with customers, but we know that sometimes it’s not the most convenient, which is why we have digital channels available,” Wilderman said.

Sorrell said current Core Bank customers are a great resource.

“Creating the ease of doing business is important to us,” Sorrell said. “Whether it’s a quilting business or installing fences, we know our customers talk to each other. Recommendations are an important source of business for us.

If you’re ready to begin the process of receiving the financing you need to help your business grow, getting started is easy with Core Bank’s RapidTRAC. Visit

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