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I bet my “followers” are eagerly awaiting lucid commentary on Joe Biden’s latest irresponsible, almost incomprehensible law-breaking fiasco. Do not wait any longer for my comment on the federal student loan forgiveness plan.

The ridiculous idea, come true, of shifting legally incurred debt from deadbeats to taxpaying workers, has the administration showing absolute chutzpah by authorizing the action with a law intended to support military hardship.

This latest round of socialist stupidity elucidates so many inadmissible aspects of disrespect for responsible American citizens and taxpayers, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start at the end with the action needed at the end of the day.

No one with any sense of reality would try to rationalize Joe Biden has complete control over his cognitive abilities. It’s clear that those around him are directing the idiocy that complements decades of bad Big Guy decisions. At the end of the line ? America, wake up. This fall, get rid of politicians who have been in office for more than a few terms or show your support for one of the splurges planned by Biden’s Dip-Dunk-Deal administration.

We have no term limits as a control of Congress, so voters must use their ballots. Here’s an innovative idea: anyone who wants to exercise the option of voting by mail or early voting, go ahead. But it needs a stipulation. Any vote cast where the voter chooses an incumbent, must vote in person, on election day, and show identification at the location designated for their legal address.

This may encourage much-needed changes to the status quo. It is clear to reasonable thinkers that things like pushing deadbeat debt onto taxpayers, calling it forgiveness, must be crushed. Only politicians who care about keeping them in power support such madness. Maybe we need legislators who care about the welfare of voters rather than continuing to line their pockets at the expense of working taxpayers.

Months ago I provided details of this government loan repaying shenanigans so I won’t be reliving debtor details. What about the consequences? Who knows exactly what it will cost, but let’s just say $10,000 times 40 million. Holy moly! Rounding up, counting in fraud logistics for sure, that’s approaching half a trillion! This week, some outlets are talking about a trillion dollars. Give bad payers hundreds of billions at taxpayers’ expense? Do you really think Joe, Bernie, Nancy, Chuck, Liz, AOC and the Squad are people you want to spend your money on?

Comments from many viewpoints are popping up. What about those who have already repaid their loan? The student loans involved were illegal. Payors who do not lend are not bad payers. Loan repayers have been duped by sugar-coated offers. Eligibility? A lot of questions.

Some things are certain. Erasing loan repayments by pushing the government even deeper into debt is sure to stoke inflation. Giving money to those who earn nothing is sure to fuel the fire of inflation. You do not think ? How do you think we got to where we are now? Some observers say people like AOC are ineligible. Maybe, maybe not. If she snags her fiancé by earning less than $75,000, she’s good to go.

Giving people something without any effort on their part is an invitation to other gifts. The masses will cry out for unchecked free healthcare, free internet, free housing, free electric cars, just to tickle the surface. Maybe we should face up to what this lending nonsense really is.

It’s plain and simple, it’s about wealth redistribution, but this time it’s not just the rich who are getting the rewards of their hard work usurped. Rather hard-working, tax-paying average Americans will fund this donation program for decades. The approximately 80,000 new tax officials will take care of it.

And you thought it was illegal to buy votes. Wake up in November. Throw out the bath water, the baby, the whole damn tub and let’s start over with new faces that respect America.

And, for the record, there is no ex-Marine.

Bob Foley, a Mansfield resident, former Navy pilot, high school math teacher and engineer, writes here every Friday.

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