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A multibillion-dollar modern city development project promoted by Chinese investors, Hendai Investment Limited, is coming to the oil-rich state of Akwa Ibom, it has been learned.
The enticing project is expected to straddle the 120-hectare landmass at Ikot Andem Itam, next to the automobile company, Itu local government area of ​​the state.
Executive Director of Africa Operations Prince Owoediinyene Essien, who shed light on this cutting edge project, said it would generate around 80,000 direct jobs and praised the state government for signing a pact with investors to get the project started in earnest, noting that Governor Udom Emmanuel was passionate about the success of the project given its industrialization efforts.
Essien, looking upbeat, said investor interests had already poured in, saying Akwa Ibom’s choice for the project was due to its peaceful vibe.
He said: “We have already signed an agreement with the state government to facilitate an enabling environment and also make contributions in the field of security to ensure that the project starts successfully.
“The Governor was ably represented at the event by the SSG. It is a project that His Excellency does not want to leave Akwa Ibom State because the project will generate massive jobs. We envision a minimum of 80,000 direct jobs, in addition to other multiplier effects.
“The city of Hendai covers 120 hectares of land, or about 1.2 million square meters of land space. And it is a mixed strip development that has an industrial hub, a residential township, tourism, and central recreational and commercial areas. Once completed, it will change the socio-economic narrative of the South-South. It will change a lot of things in Nigeria.
“We all know that the housing deficit is a major challenge in Nigeria and in Africa. Thus, the residential township of Hendai city is intended to generate affordable houses for the residents of Akwa Ibom and the surrounding area. And we’re looking at 1,600 units including a seven-story residential building, and we’re looking at about 3,000 people living there. On the other hand, we consider a minimum of 20 manufacturing industries.
“A lot of the turmoil that we have today is being orchestrated because of the lack of jobs, of unemployment. But by the time the young people have something to do, no one will remember to think about the crime.
“Akwa Ibom was chosen because of his peaceful nature. The project will not be abandoned as it is strictly led by the private sector. We are determined. You know who the Chinese are.
They are results-oriented people. Also, the project has a lot of local content with a good track record. So it is a well planned project that cannot fail.

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