Agenda: Supervisors’ long agenda includes allocation of tenders, CDBG, etc.


The Custer County Board of Supervisors will meet in regular session on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in the Supervisors’ Room on the top floor of the courthouse.


9:00 a.m. Minutes, mail, committee reports
Disc / dec – Claims mid-month
Disc / dec – BOE – tax list corrections, above, below, omitted
Disc / dec – Direct Treasurer Bryant to pay interest on construction bonds $ 12,597.50

Disc / dec – S. Bryant- Approval to Add Assistant Co-Treasurer to Custer Federal Bank Accounts
Disc / dec – S. Bryant-Res. # 40-2021-Additional securities for Custer Federal State Bank
Disc / dec – Approve monthly expense reports for September

10:00 am Disc / dec – Open auction for Sheriff’s vehicle

Disc / dec – K. Ellis-CDBG-PerforMax Ag Tuning – Edit. Loan forgivable
Disc / dec – K. Ellis-CDBG- Cheri’s Place & Co-repayment of the CDBG loan

To break

Disc / dec – Appl (s) to cross row co
Disc / dec – Award material bids for project C21 (416) A1-Callaway NE and project C21 (417) A1 Callaway SW

Disc / dec – Award of an offer for the hire of the contractor on C21 (416) A1
Disc / dec – Res. # 37R-2021, fixing the interest rate and the conditions of the road service for the materials
Disc / dec – T. Molczyk- Application for conservation / preservation easement

Disc / dec – ARPA Fund Nomination Committee
Disc / dec – Appoint the committee for the fixing of salaries for the next electoral mandate
Disc / dec – Approve newspapers designated by Custer County for 2022

The agenda is kept constantly up to date and open for public inspection in the county clerk’s office. The supervisory board can meet in executive session on any question if the need arises.

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