Abra Launches Token-Based Rewards Program For Crypto Perx (CPRX) Powered Customers


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Abra, a leading wealth management platform for cryptocurrency investors, today announced the Abra Perx Rewards Program which will provide Abra users with one-time access to a new utility token, Crypto Perx ( CPRX), created by the new Crypto Banking Alliance (CBA). When the token is launched, Abra users will receive a number of CPRX tokens proportional to their individual historical usage of Abra. Abra Perx will also offer other exciting ongoing benefits.

By holding CPRX tokens in their account, Abra users will experience significant additional benefits from Abra’s rapidly growing crypto wealth management platform. After the token launch date, the Abra Perx program will provide all Abra customers with:

· Cash back on all Abra Trade ™ transactions,

· Performance bonus for all Abra Earn ™ funds,

· Negative loan interest (lower effective rates) for any Abra Borrow ™ loan,

An ignition reward for new users who fund their account,

Referral rewards for inviting friends who fund their Abra accounts, and

Awards recognizing historical use by existing Abra users

Users can hold (or “stake”) CPRX tokens for additional benefits or exchange them through Abra Trade for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC or other assets supported by Abra. During the token launch scheduled for November 15 by the CBA, Abra expects CPRX to be listed on several DEX cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity pools. The ABC is expected to announce the details of the initial exchanges supporting CPRX throughout the fourth quarter of 2021.

As a launch promotion, Abra will be offering CPRX Rewards Accelerators. Details of the promotion will be announced in the coming days.

“The symbolic economy is booming. We wanted to find a unique way to reward our loyal customers through this new token economy while doing something totally unique. Crypto Perx represents the perfect opportunity to do just that, ”said Bill Barhydt, Founder and CEO of Abra. “This new program allows us, through this unique partnership with CBA, to reward our customers for their loyalty, to strengthen the innovative products that we launched this year and to change the future of the bank. We are committed to growing our Abra community and this partnership with CBA offers Abra users a unique and revolutionary way to take advantage of the new token economy.

The CPRX utility token is the backbone of the Abra Perx program, designed to maximize the performance of Abra customers and recognize them for their loyalty while creating new opportunities for engagement on the Abra platform. The program, available to all Abra customers, rewards users with CPRX tokens for a wide range of account activities, including account creation, referrals, and use of Abra products.

“Abra is a true pioneer in crypto wealth management and his client-centric crypto banking strategy makes him the ideal launch partner for CPRX in the wallet space, ”said Julian Hardy, Founder and CEO of Crypto Banking Alliance. “We are excited to help them provide their loyal customers with exciting incentives through the token economy as they revolutionize wealth management and continue to expand access to crypto assets in a safe and secure manner. ”

The launch of Abra Perx follows Abra’s recent $ 55 million Series C funding announcement after a year of huge growth. Abra’s funding enables the company to further expand its innovative portfolio of wealth management, trading and payment offerings to the 155,000 monthly users who processed more than $ 4 billion in transactions during the past year. only year passed. Abra continued to expand its wealth management services as the company’s revenues more than increased tenfold, while its services – Abra Trade and Abra Earn – grew from zero to $ 1 billion in assets under management, without any defect.

For more information about Abra and to download the app, please visit: https://abra.com/.


Abra is the leading wealth management platform for crypto. Abra’s mission is to create a simple and honest platform to help the next billion crypto holders maximize the potential of their crypto assets. Founded in 2014 by Bill Barhydt, Abra users earn high returns on their crypto assets, trade over 100 different crypto currencies, and borrow dollars for crypto holdings. Abra has processed over $ 1 billion in cryptocurrency-backed loans and made millions of dollars in interest payments to retail and institutional clients. Abra has raised over $ 75 million in venture funding from American Express, Foxconn, Blockchain Capital, RRE Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and other top investors. For more information visit https://www.abra.com/


The Crypto Banking Alliance, formed in Zug, Switzerland, under the name Auriga Alliance AG, was established to promote the secure and transparent application and adoption of cryptocurrency technologies as an essential component of the future of banking platforms. The Alliance aims to educate the public on the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (“DeFi”) on the future of banking. The Alliance will provide educational tools, promotional programs, technology tools, code samples and frameworks for the safe and ethical adoption of DeFi technologies such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Our vision is a global movement towards decentralized financial systems that align community and personal agency in a way that allows global access to all who wish to participate.

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