10 ways people in Chandigarh have been tricked online

AS MANY as 10 modi operandi used by cyber fraudsters to deceive Chandigarh residents emerged and came to light during a two-month investigation by cyber interns attached to the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Unit ( CCIC) of UT. During the survey, almost 2,500 people were contacted and a total of 1,395 people responded.

Modus operandi include luring under the guise of providing loans under PM Jan Dhan Yojana’s regime; customize/change the phone support number for banks, businesses, wallets, etc., on Google using applications such as SurveyMonkey and Google Adwords; exchanging victims’ SIM cards; obtain confidential ATM or bank account information by impersonating representatives of RBI or the bank; befriend people on Facebook/Instagram; under the guise of providing insurance schemes at a high rate of interest; purchases from fake websites; deceive OLX; Mirror victim’s cell phone screen using Anydesk app.

“The pre-selected 10 most common modus operandi were used to deceive as many people as possible in the city. People who have lost their money come from all kinds of backgrounds. They were from underprivileged families as well as families to do. Fraudsters advertised easy loan through PM Jan Dhan Yojna Scheme and circulated leaflets and posters in slum settlements. A maximum of people cheated by OLX are members of the defense services, because their jobs are transferable and they prefer to buy second-hand furniture and household items. Insurance fraudsters target pensioners and retirees, a cybercell official said.

The survey suggested that fraudsters were buying expensive items online instead of withdrawing cash in the majority of cases. DSP (cyber) Rashmi Yadav Sharma said: “The results of the survey will be part of the many awareness camps that will be held in schools, colleges and government offices. We want to inform as many people as possible about these operating methods and the tactics deployed by fraudsters.

The 3rd Meeting of the Northern Zone Joint Cybercrime Coordination Team will be held in Chandigarh

The 3rd meeting of the Joint Northern Zone Cybercrime Coordination Team (JCCCT) will be held in Chandigarh on April 12. IG Omvir Singh Bishnoi, SP Ketan Bansal along with other cyber cell officials and cyber trainees held a preparatory meeting for the JCCCT at Police Headquarters, Sector 9.

During the meeting, a committee was formed for the organization and deployment of the tasks necessary for the successful organization of the JCCCT of the northern zone.

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